The Shepherd’s Ministry is the core leadership of Life Church that is designed to provide each member of Life Church the personal spiritual support, training and guidance as they grow in their relationship with Christ. This is a God-ordained process for moving people from unchurched and uncommitted to mature believers who fulfill their ministry in the church and their life mission in the world.


There are four shepherds in Life Church that serve along side of the senior pastor to take care of the entire congregation. Each shepherd ministers to a very specific group of people within the church based on where they are in their spiritual relationship with Christ and Life Church.


In addition to the daily support they provide, each shepherd teaches a class designed to help members of their group move to the net level. The classes are:


Shepherd of Membership – Life Church 101 Class
Shepherd of Maturity – Life Church 201 Class
Shepherd of Ministry – Life Church 301 Class
Shepherd of Mission – Life Church 401 Class
To learn more about LC 101, 201, 301, or 401 and enriching your spiritual maturity on an ongoing basis at Life Church, send an email to or call 860-653-3308.
Pastor Al & Christine Royal
Pastor Al and Christine

Pastor Al & Christine Royal are Shepherds of Life Church 101 for new members. They are responsible for all members in Life Church from first time guests to those who have not made a commitment to membership to Life Church.


They also teach the Life Church 101 class. This training class salvation, baptism and communion, along with the purposes, targets, structure and affiliations of Life Church.


Shepherds Tony & Chere McGrath
Tony and Chere

Tony & Chere McGrath are Shepherds of Life Church 201, teaching and equipping members for spiritual maturity. This class focuses on the four basic habits every Christian needs to grow to spiritual maturity:


1) Time in Godís Word

2) Prayer

3) Giving

4) Fellowship


Tony and Chere are responsible for the discipleship of all members in Life Church who have completed Life Church 101 Class to those who are learning to commit to the maturity covenant on a regular basis.

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